Daily Stream: A chat with Catalina Jordan Alvarez & Clare Gundersen

Jennifer Lange & Holly Leber

Apr 30, 2020

Actress Clare Gundersen in Catalina Jordan Alvarez's short film Muñe

Our online presentation of Ohio Shorts ends this Saturday and, with over 1500 views so far, it's been one of our most successful editions.

Winning the Ohio Shorts Jury Award for Muñe gave filmmaker Catalina Jordan Alvarez an opportunity to reunite with actress Clare Gundersen (seen above) over Zoom. They chat about a range of topics from pets to eating bugs, to what they've been up to during the stay-at-home order.

Alvarez, a Visiting Professor of Media Arts at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, also shares a preview of what she's working on now: an experimental documentary that traces the history of Yellow Springs through interviews with some of its longtime residents. You can find a recent excerpt of that project on Hyperallergic.


Image courtesy of the filmmaker.

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