Daily Stream: A chat with Mitchell Rose + a sneak preview of Attention Span

Mary Abowd & Melissa Starker

Aug 13, 2020

Filmmaker Mitchell Rose stands in a T-shirt, hoodie, and pajamas looking out a glass door in the right third of the frame; the rest of the image is black

"I think one of the chief virtues of dance filmmaking is, it keeps the kids off the street," Mitchell Rose says sardonically in one of many enjoyable moments in his conversation with Wex Associate Editor Mary Abowd. Professor of Dance Filmmaking at Ohio State, Rose has worked with the center to present DANCE@30FPS, his annual curated program of dance film, and his own work has shown as part of Ohio Shorts

Rose and Abowd discuss his path from dancing and running his own company to filming dance, as well as his worldwide collaborative projects such as Globe Trot, and the two shorts he's made this year: the fun PowerPoint riff The Case Against Dance Film (pictured above) and Attention Span, a departure from previous works featuring a single dancer performing among the rows of corn at Ohio State's Ag Campus.

We're excited to be able to share an exclusive stream of Attention Span below the interview with Rose, courtesy of the filmmaker. Enjoy!