Daily Stream: Dr. Melissa Crum & Dr. Mark Lomax, II on the curriculum for 400: An Afrikan Epic

Dr. Melissa Crum & Dr. Mark Lomax, II

Jul 02, 2020

Dr. Mark Lomax, II and Mosaic Education Network founder Melissa Crum talk via Zoom

For today's stream, Dr. Mark Lomax, II, recipient of a 2018–19 Wexner Center Artist Residency Award, connected with artist, author, researcher, and Mosaic Education Network founder Dr. Melissa Crum for a Zoom chat about 400: An Afrikan Epic Curriculum Guide, the resource for educators she wrote with Deva Rashed-Boone to accompany Lomax's epic 12-album cycle, inspired by the arrival of the first Africans on the shores of Virginia in 1619.

Their conversation covers some of the material found in the guide, how the music and the text work together, how the lessons written for high schoolers can be adapted for work with younger students, and how this resource addresses a historic gap in what most of us learned about American history in school. Their talk also offers a teaser for the exciting new project on which Lomax is currently working.

You can purchase the paperback version of the curriculum guide via the site for Mosaic Education Press. A Kindle version is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble has the Nook version. A bundle that includes both the complete album cycle and the guide is available through Lomax's official site.


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