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Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Jun 23, 2020

Book covers for Think Tank Aesthetics by Pamela M. Lee and Heritage and Debt by David Joselit

New York performance space The Kitchen has officially canceled its 2020–21 season, but as the organization notes in the introduction to its livestream series, Kitchen Broadcast, "Our commitment to bringing artists and audiences together hasn’t changed, even if the circumstances have."

Streaming via Twitch, Kitchen Broadcast goes live every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM EDT with a compelling range of programs, in which format is set by the participating creatives. Tonight's offering is a conversation between authors Pamela M. Lee and David Joselit about the impact of neoliberalism in modern and contemporary art since the mid 20th century, whether those structures will be challenged or undermined amid the COVID-19 crisis, and how an expanded model of 20th century art might help us better comprehend the cultural crises of today.

The Carnegie Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at Yale University, Lee is the author of Think Tank Aesthetics: Midcentury Modernism, the Cold War, and the Neoliberal Present, which chronicles the connection between the rise of think tanks and the terms of contemporary neoliberalism. Joselit, Professor of Art, Film, and Visual Studies at Harvard, penned Heritage and Debt: Art in Globalization, a consideration of how the legacy of Eurocentrism in art history is being fought through the creative use of tradition by artists from around the world.

Thursday's stream will feature a set by New York City artist, music producer, and DJ Nar. The Kitchen is also archiving all broadcasts on its Vimeo page.

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Book covers courtesy of MIT Press

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