Daily Stream: Make paper boats with Claudia Owusu

Claudia Owusu & Dionne Custer-Edwards

Jul 15, 2020

The hands of Claudia Owusu making a paper boat

All you need is a piece of paper to join in this week's maker video for kids, featuring Columbus artist, writer, and filmmaker Claudia Owusu. She teaches us how to fold and shape to make a miniature sailing vessel for your sink, bathtub, or pool.

A transcript of the tutorial is available below the video.




How To Make a Paper Boat by Claudia Owusu

Hi, my name is Claudia, and I am a Writer and a Filmmaker here in Columbus; and today, I will be showing you how to make a paper boat. Stay tuned. 

Things you’ll need: a sheet of paper

So the first step, you’re going to fold [your paper] hamburger style, right onto itself just like so. You’ll sort of have like a little book. So yeah, hamburger style. And after the hamburger, you’ll bring the upper right corner down into the middle, like so. And then you bring the upper left corner down into the middle. And then you’ll have this. This is what it should look like after the two folds. So, after the two folds, you’ll take this flap right here--you should have two flaps--the first and the second. You will lift up the first flap and fold it unto itself, unto the two wings that you have. And then you’ll just flip it over and fold it once again. 

So just going to repeat it for you—so far, we had a square, we had a sheet of paper, we folded it into a hamburger style, then we folded some wings into the middle. Then we put the flap over the wings, flipped it over, and folded the flap over the back. So, you should have a little hat. So what you’re going to do’re going to open it up. And once you open it up, you’ll just fold it up like this—so right now, it’s a triangle, but we’ll fold it up into somewhat of a square. Yeah, so we have a square right now. Now that we’ve folded it up, we’re going to repeat these next steps: You fold a small triangle [at the opening of the square] flip it over, fold another small triangle, open it up. So each time that you do a fold, you’re giving [the boat] a different side and we’re just going to repeat. So fold it up on [the opposing] side, flip it, fold it up on this side. What’s next? You guessed it! You flip it, and then fold it up. Open it up once again. You’ll have a little cup, you close it again, fold it up, flip it over, and fold once again. You keep folding until you can no longer fold again; until it becomes tight or too small. Once that happens, what you’re going to do is--well currently, here’s what mine looks like--so once that happens, here’s what you’re going to do: you’re just going to pull it tight [from the sides]. It’s going to be a bit tough because you know, you’ve been folding so many times. But you’re just going to pull it tight, and then, this is what you should have. And this is like, your boat. This is the boat that you have afterwards. 

Thanks for Watching.