Daily Stream: Paint Bob the Cat with Bethani Blake

Bethani Blake & Dionne Custer Edwards

Jun 17, 2020

The hand of artist Bethani Blake paints a colorful portrait of Bob the Cat from the videogame Animal Crossing

For our latest kid-friendly tutorial by a Columbus artist, Bethani Blake enters the world of Animal Crossing to find her inspiration source, Bob the Cat. Follow along as she creates a colorful portrait of the feline. You'll find a transcript of the lesson below the video.



Hello everyone! My name is Bethani Blake and Today I’m going to be showing you how to paint Bob the Cat from Animal Crossing.

First, you’re going to start out by making an oval shape for the head. I’m using a paint pen to draw out the shapes but a pencil will work just fine! And remember, the oval does not need to be perfect since we’ll be covering it up with paint.

Next up, we need to give him a body! This will be a longer, more slim oval that is sort of flat at the bottom.

We also have to give him legs. Since Bob is running, one leg should be pointed straight out while the other is slightly bent.

Bob is a pretty goofy, carefree guy so draw in one arm angled upward with the other arm framing his side.

Again, these do not need to be perfect.

Next, draw a line about 3⁄4 of the way down his body because he needs his t-shirt dress. And do not forget his tail!

Bob has two large, triangular ears on the top of his head so be sure to include those.

Next is the paint. If you do not have acrylic paint available, you can use markers, crayons, and even colored pencils!

I’ve started out by painting his entire body with a light purple color. Take your time filling in the blanks.

You’ll notice I alternate between a large paint brush and a smaller paint brush. This is so that I can get the edges more precise!

You’ll want to make sure that you add multiple layers of paint, until you cannot see the background peaking through. Make sure that you allow the paint to dry— it will take anywhere from about 5 to 10 minutes. While you wait, you can take the time to go collect seashells from your deserted island’s beach.

Next I am filling in Bob’s T-shirt dress with a pink color. Again, I am adding multiple layers so it will be opaque.

Then we need to fill in Bob’s ears! Using that same pink, create a smaller triangle in the ear.

You should also give him spots with a darker purple color.

His eyes are yellow half circles so draw them on about halfway down his face.

His mouth is a red half circle so be sure to draw that on under the eyes!

Next, you can fill in the background. You can use any color you want but I chose lime green to make the purple and pink pop.

Next, just layer on the yellow paint so his eyes are opaque and create another smaller triangle in the pink one. This will be orange.

Next, I’m taking a lighter purple and adding it on his stomach and head.

Layers, layers, layers!

After that, there are the daisies on his shirt. You just need to place an orange dot in the center, and then place four white dots around the center one.

Then you will take an even lighter orange and create another smaller triangle in the ear.

Next, it’s time to outline Bob’s eyes and mouth. Don’t forget to create his cat eye slit!

I personally like to add outlines in my figure paintings, so grab any color you want—I chose white—and outline the entire figure.

Then I decided to add some white and orange circles in the background to fill up the space.

And then you’re done! You’re very own Bob the Cat painting.