Daily Stream: On Pause, Summer 2020

Holly Leber & Melissa Starker

Aug 20, 2020

On Pause online meditation program

We appreciate everyone who's joined us and our wonderful partners at Replenish: The Spa Co-op for On Pause on Wednesday afternoons, both in the galleries and, after Covid-19, virtually. But we understand that's now's a time when it might be helpful and healing to have guided meditation on demand. So for our latest #TBT stream, we have a playlist of On Pause online sessions from June and July.

Join Chanelle, Deja, and Monique from Replenish for some dedicated self-care time, to check in on yourself and find a place of peace.

We're happy to share that On Pause will continue this fall. Check back here for updates.

Meditate with On Pause via YouTube.