Daily Stream: Writers' Block Open Mic Poetry Night

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Aug 05, 2020

Image of Zoom meetup for Writers' Block Open Mic Poetry Night

Writers' Block Poetry Night has long been a part of Columbus' vibrant spoken word scene. With live gatherings currently a no-go, cofounders Vernell Bristow and Scott Woods created a virtual version of the weekly open mic night they normally host at Kafe Kerouac. The next edition is tonight at 8 PM.

Some of the past online open mics have taken place entirely on Facebook, with writers being encouraged to contribute a single poem in text or video format to an event page (fans are invited to show their appreciation for individual works with images or gifs of Mardi Gras beads).

This week, the organizers are inviting poets and poetry lovers to come together on Zoom for a real-time reading. Writers can share a new work or an old favorite; it just has to fit the poetry format and be of relatively modest length.

RSVP & get a Zoom link to tonight's Writers' Block Open Mic Poetry Night via Facebook.

Image courtesy of Writers' Block Poetry Night

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