Photo Gallery: Cinema Revival 2024

Melissa Starker, photos by Sylke Krell

Mar 06, 2024

A collage of five photos featuring moments from the 2024 edition of Cinema Revival: A Festival of Film Restoration.

It’s a wrap for the 10th annual Cinema Revival, Ohio’s only festival dedicated to sharing new restorations as well as the stories and experiences of filmmakers and experts in the field of film preservation.

There was a convivial atmosphere at the Wex over the weekend, as movie lovers had a chance to connect with each other and some terrific guests. Among them were filmmakers Charles Burnett, Nancy Savoca, and David Stenn, and our old friends Dennis Doros and Amy Heller from Milestone Films, who are now leading the charge to save films that have become unavailable to the public through the organization Missing Movies

Missing Movies's most recent success is Burnett’s barely seen 1999 dramedy The Annihilation of Fish. We were thrilled to present the world premiere of its 4K restoration to a large, enthusiastic audience.

Here's a photo gallery with some of our favorite moments from the event. If you had an experience you’d like to share, let us know with a post on Instagram, Facebook, or Threads, or join the group of Cinema Revival guests who’ve shared their thoughts on what they saw via Letterboxd.


A woman stands at a podium, talking.

Nancy Savoca introduces Household Saints

A shot inside a movie theater, where silhouetted heads can be seen under a screen holding an image of two older people sitting next to each other at a table outside.

Household Saints

Four people sit on a stage in an auditorium and speak to an audience.

Wex Head of Film/Video Dave Filipi with filmmakers Martina Savoca-Guay, Nancy Savoca, and Richard Guay following Friday's screening of Household Saints

Seven people sit in a line on a stage in an auditorium. Some are holding microphones and one of the people is speaking into one.

Missing Movies panel discussion, L to R: Richard Guay, David Stenn, Amy Heller, Charles Burnett, Nancy Savoca, Dennis Doros, and Dave Filipi

Two men sit together on a stage in front of an empty screen. One is speaking to an audience that’s out of frame.

Dave Filipi and Charles Burnett during a post-screening discussion of The Annihilation of Fish

Two men smile at each other as they lean in to shake hands.

Longtime Wex staffer Charles Glasco enjoys a moment with Charles Burnett

A crowd of people gather in a lobby area for a reception.

Saturday's Cinema Revival Reception

A man autographs a DVD for a young woman.

Charles Burnett signs a DVD for a fan

A crowd of people gather in a lobby area for a reception. Two people are in the foreground, smiling and engaged in conversation.

Saturday's Cinema Revival Reception

A group of 12 people gather closely together in front of a step-and-repeat backdrop to have their photo taken. All face the camera, smiling.

L to R: Filmmakers Richard Guay, Martina Savoca-Guay, and A.J. Moore; Dennis Doros of Milestone Films and Missing Movies; Aboubakar Sanogo, North American regional secretary for the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers; filmmaker Charles Burnett; Wex Head of Film/Video Dave Filipi; Amy Heller of Milestone Films and Missing Movies; filmmakers Nancy Savoca and David Stenn; Wex Film/Video Curatorial Assistant Layla Benali, and Wex Film/Video Curator Chris Stults