Playlist: Angel Bat Dawid

Angel Bat Dawid

Oct 01, 2019

A picture of Chicago-based free jazz artist Angel Bat Dawid in a patterned bright yellow dress, smiling and looking to her right against a blue background

Next week, Columbus music lovers will have the opportunity to experience the unique sound of Angel Bat Dawid live and in person. The multitalented Chicago-based artist produced her debut disc, The Oracle, virtually by herself, recording the music on her phone, but she's bringing backup from tha Brothahood for her gig in our Performance Space on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8 PM.

Dawid graciously curated a playlist of artists she admires, who collectively reflect styles and influences from ragtime to hip hop and electronica. As a bonus, she's included one of her own tracks that's not featured on The Oracle: "Transition East." Enjoy!