Playlist: Untamed Space Sound Liftoff

André M. Zachery, Renegade Performance Group Artistic Director

Sep 07, 2018

Promotional image for Untamed Space by choreographer Andre Zachery and Renegade Performance Group

Dig into the beats, rhymes and vibes of sound makers, sound artists, and musicians that have inspired the Afrofuturist work of Renegade Performance Group! This curated list by artistic director André M. Zachery covers a wide swath of genres, nations, dialects, and eras from his own experiences to share with audiences.

André gained an appreciation for various styles of music growing up on the south side of Chicago and this playlist presents but a few of the many different sounds that have entered his life from then to now. You will hear blues, house, ra-ra, hip hop, jazz, lounge, European piano concerto and rock, all of which has inspired his performance, choreographic, and visual design work through Afrofuturism. See firsthand how the sounds have influenced the artist when André and Renegade Performance Group present Untamed Space at the Wex September 27-30.