Publication: Risk is a Relative Term

Sep 01, 2020

cover graphic for the Wexner Center & Ohio State Dance publication Risk is a Relative Term

We're thrilled to share the fruits of a partnership between the Wex's Learning and Public Practice and Performing Arts departments and Ohio State's Department of Dance. 

Risk Is a Relative Term has been published as part of Writing about the Performing Arts at The Ohio State University and the Wexner Center for the Arts. Edited by Department of Dance professor Karen Eliot and Wex Public and University Programs Manager Alana Ryder, the book was produced with support from the Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award.

The editors collaborated on this year-long, student-driven writing initiative built around the Wex's 2019–20 Performing Arts programming, bringing in a cohort of grads and undergrads from varied disciplines to talk to artists such as nora chipaumire, Miguel Gutierrez, Sharon Udoh, and the performers of Back to Back Theatre. Contributors to the publication are Morgan Amonett, Rani Bawa, Jacqueleen Bordjadze, Demetra Chiafos, Laura Gaines, Sam Giusto, Kaiya Gordon, Lavinia Huang, Emily Kilroy, and Michelle Sipes.

Book cover image: Brandon Ballog

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