Replay: Ohio Shorts over the years

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Feb 24, 2020

White logo for the Wexner Center for the Arts' Ohio Shorts program on black background

The deadline for this year's Ohio Shorts program is fast approaching. We're proud to have shown some extraordinary short films by Ohio filmmakers over the past 24 years, including some who've gone on to show at festivals and move into feature work. Below is a sampling of 10 movies chosen for screening from the past decade of Ohio Shorts programs, ranging in genre from animation to documentary. Filmmakers, we're taking works produced in Ohio in the past year through Monday, March 2. All the details and links to submit are here.


Lumin by CCAD's Advanced Time Based Projects class

Made over four months, this stunner follows a boy as he flees from monsters that seek to steal his light. It makes excellent use of sound and music.


Beautiful Eyes by Rani Crowe

Experience the trauma of being a teenage girl going to the salon with mom.


Tale Type 510A by Sherri Latimer

The Cinderella myth is retold in classic RPG form.



Globe Trot by Mitchell Rose

A dance done 'round the world, conceived by the Ohio State professor behind the annual DANCE@30FPS program.



Tiny Out Loud by Andrew Ina

This portrait of Columbus artist Stephanie Rond and her dollhouse art space S.Dot Gallery is by a current contributor to Ohio State's visual communications work. (It also has a brief appearance by yours truly.)



Good White People by Jarrod Welling-Cann and Erick Stoll

Welling-Cann and Stoll focus on a Cincinnati convenience store for a thoughtful and honest portrayal of what it's like to be on the wrong side of gentrification. Stoll went on to make the award-winning feature doc (and official Unorthodocs selection) América with Chase Whiteside.



Pyg by C.B. Hovey

Is there such a thing as perfection? Find out through a woman constructed to be flawless.

Organ Ronald Donkey Water by Grace Lillash

A slow, warm, and easygoing view of summer. The title suggests experimental legend Stan Brakhage but the work is actually by a former Wex Film/Video Studio intern.


Doll by Cory Pratt

The secret life of a school janitor is revealed in this haunting, oddly beautiful film.



Poem About All Different Things by Nancy Kangas

Last but certainly not least, an installment of Kangas' delightful series pairing the work of animators with the poetry of preschoolers.