Replay: Symphonic Stories/Film

Tue, May 14, 2019

Last month, choreographer Ann Carlson brought The Symphonic Body/Food to Wex audiences, but before that, she had worked behind the scenes with Columbus collaborators for weeks. Locals with various connections to the food chain provided fuel for her "symphony of gestures" with their everyday movements. Before each performance of the work at the Wex, a short film was screened to colorfully illustrate how the process worked and to highlight the grace and sense of grounding that can exist in unexamined, everyday tasks. Symphonic Stories: Food was produced by the Wex Film/Video Studio and directed by studio editor Alexis McCrimmon. It features collaborators including former Wex staffer-turned-urban farmer Mark van Fleet, former OSU gymnast-turned-style writer and sports journalist Paris McGee, author and Charles Nabrit Community Garden organizer Paula Penn-Nabrit, and avid turkey hunter Angela Latham. We're excited to share it with you here.



Lead image: Former Ohio State gymnast and style writer Paris McGee in a scene from Symphonic Stories: Food.