Stream it: In the Last Days of the City

Oct 09, 2020

A man seen from behind, looking across a yellow-tinted cityscape

We're excited to share another film as part of opening weekend for Cinetracts '20, courtesy of contributing filmmaker Tamer El Said: his 2016 feature In the Last Days of the City. It's free for Wex audiences to view through October 13.

The lyrical, visually stunning film-within-a-film follows a director who struggles to capture the spirit of Cairo—both for himself and for his country—during the turbulent times that lead to the fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime. The drama stars Khalid Abdalla, whose real-life role in the revolution is captured in the 2013 documentary The Square

We're so grateful to the filmmaker for this opportunity and we hope you take advantage of it. 

Watch In the Last Days of the City on Vimeo.
(This film is no longer available)


Image courtesy of the filmmaker

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