Weekend Reading: February 9 Edition

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Feb 09, 2024

A person with long dark hair stands outdoors under an umbrella. Their gloved hand partially covers their face.

A new screening from Art Possible Ohio, a new gig for BalletMet's Edwaard Liang, databases for Alvin Ailey and British street art, the state of cultural sector work for women and people of color, and much more from the week's arts news.

Top of page: I Am Irani, courtesy of Art Possible Ohio

Around Columbus

A diamond-shaped kaleidoscopic image, mostly in shades of green, blue, and white.

Art by Matt Swift, courtesy of the artist

Around the Globe

An angry man stands in a room bathed in red light and looks sideways at the camera. He’s partially obscured by sheer curtains in the foreground.

Dev Patel’s SXSW selection Monkey Man, courtesy of Universal Pictures