Weekend Reading: March 29 Edition

Honour Lackey & Melissa Starker

Mar 29, 2024

A person sits poised for prayer on a dark stage lit only by low-hanging lights that are draped in light fabric.

This week: a new book from Hanif Abdurraqib, Contemporary Theatre of Ohio's 2024–25 season, lots of coverage around Beyoncé's country album, a tribute to Sarah Vaughn, and much more.

Top of page: Anonymous Ensemble, Llontop; photo: Paola Vera

Around Columbus

A hyper-realistic, mostly black and white illustration of a young woman sitting with clouds in the background, holding a light blue paper airplane.

Drawing by Hiroshi Hayakawa, who’ll present work in CCAD’s Beeler Gallery this Thursday, image courtesy of the artist


Around the Globe

A still from a movie Western of one man pointing a rifle at close range at another man as their horses look on. They stand in a remote, snow-covered forest.

The Hateful Eight, courtesy of The Weinstein Company