Weekend Reading: May 3 Edition

Honour Lackey & Melissa Starker

May 03, 2024

Two Black men sit in a large room, in the foreground wears a purple hoodie.

It's a full week for arts world news, from tips on what to watch this summer to a wealth of local events this week, plus several stories of clashes between art and politics, the jury for this year's Cannes Film Fest, the Tony award nominations, the arrival of a 65-foot hot dog statue in NYC, a video walkthrough of Kapwani Kiwanga's Venice installation, and much more.

Top of page: Colman Domingo and Clarence Maclin in Sing Sing, coming to the Wex June 7; courtesy of A24

Around Ohio

Mixed media painting on wood of a Black woman holding out an open book.

Lisa McLymont, Dear God. Unite Us Against Book Bans. Acrylic and latex paint, watercolor pencil, graphite, and book paper on birch panel. Now on view at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Art Unbound IV; courtesy of the artist


Around the Globe

An older white man leans sits at a desk and daubs a paintbrush into paint.

Art Happens Here with John Lithgow, courtesy of PBS