Wex from Home: Zoom backgrounds!

Holly Leber & Melissa Starker

Apr 28, 2020

Image of a colorful light installation by artist Erwin Redl in the exterior grid at the Wexner Center for the Arts

Ever worry about what's going on behind you as you video conference? Is your workspace cluttered by cast-aside toys or the pile of laundry you didn't get to this weekend? Now you can conceal your dirty secrets with an iconic piece of deconstructivist architecture.

Below, you'll find a link to download still & motion Zoom backgrounds highlighting the design of Wex architect Peter Eisenman. Two images also feature uniquely memorable outdoor installations: respectively, Erwin Redl's FETCH from 2010, which streamed colored light through the center's exterior grid as part of the exhibition Six Solos, and Ann Hamilton's Sandpiper from when an object reaches for your hand, seen in last fall's exhibition HERE (the bird is still on view on the side of Mershon Auditorium, waiting for your next trip to campus).

Click here to download your Wex Zoom background.

Here are instructions for how to change your background in the platform.

Special thanks to our Design team interns for their help with this project.

We'd love to see how you look against a Wex backdrop and hear about any good responses from your Zoom mates. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #wexfromhome.


Image: Erwin Redl's FETCH at the Wexner Center for the Arts

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