WexCast: Jennifer Reeder on Knives and Skin

Dec 18, 2019

Three side-by-side vertical images of filmmaker Jennifer Reeder sitting in a chair on the stage of the Film/Video Theater at the Wexner Center for the Arts on September 13, 2019. Photos: Melissa Starker

This episode shares a talk  with one of our favorite people, filmmaker Jennifer Reeder. An Ohio State alum, former Wex intern and Wexner Center Artist Residency Award recipient, Reeder has been making waves in the indie film world this fall with her feature debut as writer-director, the atmospheric thriller Knives and Skin. The work was completed with help from the Residency Award and the talk followed the film’s Columbus premiere at the Wex in September. It's now screening in theaters nationwide and available for streaming through IFC Films.

Enjoy the artist's conversation with Film/Video Studio curator Jennifer Lange and Mike Olenick, a former Wex full-timer who’s edited most of Reeder’s films, including this one. But we strongly recommend you see the movie first—this chat is full of spoilers.

"Let's just assume too weird is exactly where we want to be ... It doesn't matter to me that it doesn't feel totally realistic, you know? I just want an audience to have an experience that feels immersive, cinematic."
Jennifer Reeder


Photos by Melissa Starker.