WexCast: John Sabraw on Maya Lin

Dec 12, 2019

A close-up head shot of artist, activist and Ohio University professor John Sabraw

In early November, artist, activist, and Ohio University professor of art John Sabraw led visitors through a tour of the works Maya Lin has contributed to the fall exhibition HERE—illustrations of humanity's impact on the state's waterways realized in dense concentrations of recycled steel pins and small glass beads. He used the works to launch a discussion of the genius and the hubris they reflect. The podcast below shares his talk and it's just the right length for listening during your own trip to the galleries.

An image of Maya Lin's installation "How Does a River Overflows Its Banks," created for the fall 2019 exhibition HERE: Ann Hamilton, Jenny Holzer, Maya Lin, at the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University
"I love this space because all of this flood plain is like a bunch of little gems ... and each of these little gems reminds me of the treasure the Ohio flood plain is."

Wex student staffer Demerus Taylor assisted with the production of this blog.
Lead photo courtesy of the artist.