WexCast: Mark Lomax with Timothy Holley & Karen Walwyn

Apr 01, 2019

Pianist and composer Karen Walwyn

For this WexCast, we listen in on a phone call between classical pianist and composer Karen Walwyn, cellist Timothy Holley, and drummer, composer, and Wexner Center Artist Residency Award recipient Mark Lomax II. As part of the curating work Lomax has been doing for the Wex this spring, he's bringing Holley and Walwyn to Columbus this Sunday for a performance of contemporary classical works by a roster of African-American composers that includes Lomax.

Enjoy a wide-reaching conversation that touches on the lack of black composers in the classical canon, the double jeopardy of driving while black and while musical, and the amazing story of Florence Price, a 20th century composer whose work was lost and then found again. A Price composition will also be part of Sunday's program. 

"I think for me, what is very important each time I play is that I share some of the history of the various composers so their stories get out and the music can become part of our time now, and not just during Black History Month."
Karen Walwyn

Image: Karen Walwyn, courtesy of the artist