WexCast: The Poets of Sonnets and Cinema

Honour Lackey & Melissa Starker

Mar 28, 2024

Collaged stills from the films Piñero, Poetry, and SlamNation.

Enjoy the work of celebrated local poets in their own voices.


For this episode of WexCast, we’re throwing back to our February 2024 film series, Sonnets and Cinema, to share audio of the live poetry readings that accompanied each of the programs celebrating poetry in film. Among the poets you’ll hear is the curator of the series, Scott Woods, who’s also a Columbus Metropolitan Library worker and a columnist for Matter News as well the proprietor of the arts space Streetlight Guild. Woods gathered fellow Columbus poets Louise Robertson, Dr. Sidney Jones, Jr., and Zach Hannah to perform before screenings of Lee Chang-Dong’s 2010 drama Poetry, the 2001 biopic Pinero, and the 1998 documentary SlamNation. We thought the best way to share with those who weren’t able to see the readings in person is to hear each in the writer’s voice.


Top of page, from left: Piñero, courtesy of Paramount Pictures; Poetry, courtesy of Film Movement; SlamNation, courtesy of Paul Devlin.

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