WexCast: Sue Harshe on scoring silent films for Zoom

Dec 04, 2018

Buster Keaton surrounded by film in a still from the classic comedy Sherlock Jr.

Zoom Family Film Festival, the flagship event in our program of cultural offerings for all ages, takes place on Saturday, December 8, offering a full morning and afternoon of fun events and international films for kids of all ages. Sue Harshe, Columbus musician and cofounder of the seminal band Scrawl, has been a regular Zoom collaborator on live, original soundtracks for silent films. The music you just heard is from one of Sue’s Zoom soundtracks, and she’ll be back this year to live-accompany the Buster Keaton comedy classic, Sherlock Jr. on Saturday at 4 PM.

For this Wexcast, Sue sits down with associate film/video curator Chris Stults to discuss her process for creating new soundtracks for works from the early days of cinema.