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Director's Dialogue on Art and Social Change

For They Know Not (Aimee, 2017), image courtesy of Pens to Pictures.

This recurring event supports the crucial role of contemporary art in sparking meaningful dialogue about today’s issues: social justice, identity politics, race and police violence in America, climate change, health care, expressive freedom, and more.

Our upcoming 2017 Director’s Dialogue (Sept 6) focuses on Pens to Pictures, a pioneering project that teaches incarcerated women the art of making films.

Past guests have included such acclaimed artists as Kerry James Marshall, April Martin, Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky), Jason Moran, Lynne Tillman, and Anna Deavere Smith, and esteemed scholars from across campus and beyond including Joni Boyd Acuff, Leslie Alexander, Steven Gabbe, Wendy G. Smooth, Maurice Stevens, Lonnie Thompson, and Patricia J. Williams.

All Sides with Ann Fisher - Filmmaking and Art by Inmates Behind Bars

Past Events

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