Shumate Council

The Shumate Council is a volunteer advisory group of African American professionals who actively engage with the Wexner Center for the Arts. Founded by longtime Wex and Ohio State trustee, Alex Shumate and Renee Shumate, the council is often involved with educational programming and initiatives, and serves as liaisons, supporters, participants, and ambassadors, working together with Wex staff to engage more intentionally with diverse audiences. Read the Shumate Council's blog here.

Current Active Members

Alex Shumate
Renée Shumate
Joni Acuff
Ebony Bailey
Jennifer Beard
Kimberly Brazwell
Edward Calloway
Melissa Crum
Anita Davis
Simone Drake
Sandra Enimil
Susan Fredson-Cole
Kent Harris
Rachel Howard
Mark Lomax II
Steven S. Moore
Sharbreon Plummer
Sherita Roundtree
Toni Smith Shorter
Maurice E. Stevens

Shumate Council Contact

If you would like to learn more about Shumate Council, please contact Dionne Custer Edwards at