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Mindi Rhoades

Stumbling Through the Pain


Mindi Rhoades

Take a divergent, interactive tour through artist Sadie Benning’s exhibition Pain Thing with Mindi Rhoades, associate professor in Ohio State’s Department of Teaching and Learning.

Using Benning’s images as provocation, evidence, and guide, we’ll explore questions around narrative, memory, connection, and loss. We’ll also consider the significance of the images’ construction and Benning’s use of qualities like transparency, opacity, nesting, and layering as visual metaphors and tools. What do such tools allow? Encourage? Inhibit? Prevent? Participants will be also invited to consider what it might mean to apply Benning’s processes to their own image-memories and experiences—pleasing and painful—as attempts to make personal meaning from information, events, and relationships.

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Mindi Rhoades’s research interests include interdisciplinary and multimedia-based approaches to pedagogy and issues of educational equity and diversity with a focus on LGBTQ+ populations. Rhoades’s research supports the benefits of implementing creative, playful, challenging, and engaging educational opportunities with all students. Additionally, Rhoades is interested in contemporary art and artists and the personal, pedagogical, and public possibilities of artmaking as meaning-making.

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Past Talks & More

Mindi Rhoades