Cinétracts ‘20


Word mark for Cinétracts '20

In 1968, a group of French filmmakers including Jean-Luc Godard and Chris Marker crafted short, quickly made cinematic responses to the political and social upheaval that shook Paris in May of that year. Inspired in part by this project, called Cinétracts, the Wexner Center is commissioning 20 short films by 20 filmmakers from around the world, including:

Natalia Almada (Mexico/San Francisco, CA)

Tony Buba (Braddock, PA)

Charles Burnett (Los Angeles, CA)

Tamer El Said (Egypt/Germany)

Akwaeke Emezi (Nigeria/US)

Su Friedrich (Brooklyn, NY)

Kelly Gallagher (Syracuse, NY)

Cameron Granger (Columbus, OH)

Christopher Harris (Iowa City, IA)

Sky Hopinka (Ho-Chunk Nation, WI)

Karrabing Film Collective (Australia)

Bouchra Khalili (Morocco/Germany)

Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil)

Rosine Mbakam (Cameroon/Belgium)

Natasha Mendonca (India)

Sheilah and Dani ReStack (Columbus, OH)

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (Puerto Rico)

Cauleen Smith (Los Angeles, CA)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)

Želimir Žilnik (Serbia)

Each filmmaker will create a work in response to the current, often turbulent sociopolitical climate, a reflection on or reaction to the zeitgeist as the artist perceives and defines it. As with the original Cinétracts project, participating filmmakers will work within a set of guidelines that includes a running time of no more than two minutes, a schedule of one day to make the piece, and an explicit reference within the film to the date and geographic location. The completed project will act as dynamic index of places and a compelling record of our time—and perhaps a provocation for what comes next. 

The Wex will screen the works in fall 2020 and host a panel discussion with some of the participants before sharing the films with other venues and eventually online.