Meet the curator: Lane Czaplinski

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Jun 06, 2017

a photo of Lane Czaplinski

Last week brought a new player to the Wex curatorial team: Lane Czaplinski. Having relocated from Seattle, he's assuming the role of Director of Performing Arts from Chuck Helm, who's retiring after an incredibly impressive 26 years with the center. Lane and Chuck have known each other for years, they've been collaborating for months as co-presenters on the latest work by Bebe Miller Company, and they'll be spending the month of June together as Lane acclimates to his new role. We decided to start his getting-to-know-you phase with a short Q&A. You'll be hearing and seeing more from Lane in the near future.

Wex Director of Performing Arts Lane Czaplinski

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Previous gigs: Artistic Director, On the Boards (2002-2017); Program Manager, Brooklyn Academy of Music (1999-2002)

First memory of seeing a live performance: "I saw Laurie Anderson's Strange Angels in 1989 when I was a sophomore in college. A friend had an extra ticket to see 'some weird violinist' and the experience changed my life. I remember saying that I had no idea what performance art was but that I wanted to become part of it nonetheless."

Favorite recent performance experience: "Bridge Over Mud by Verdensteatret from Oslo, Norway. This project opened this past season at On the Boards and was this almost indescribable mix of moveable sculpture, video, and industrial sound. It was very emotional work even though there mostly wasn't anyone on stage!"

First impressions of Columbus: "It feels like Columbus is comfortable with itself and isn't trying to hard to be cool—kind of a civic self-confidence. And yet, it feels like something is being built between the university and the city that has the potential to be very unique. It's an exciting time to move here."

First priority as new Director of Performing Arts for the Wex: "I want to meet as many people as possible on campus and in town who are interested in new art and ideas. That's what makes this whole enterprise interesting - reflecting on what we experience with one another."