Community Engagement

Weinland Park Storybook

A group of people enjoy the Weinland Park Story Book.

Our neighbors in Weinland Park are a vital part of our local community and this mixed-income, University District neighborhood is rich with history, artists and community driven projects including The Weinland Park Story Book (2014), The Weinland Park Billboard Project (2015) and one of the Fallen Fruit Projects: The Weinland Park Berry Patch (2017). Stay tuned for more Weinland Park projects in addition to future resident and youth driven projects in more neighborhoods and communities of Columbus, Ohio.

Fallen Fruit

A child helps plant a tree.

Conceived in 2004 by Burns, Young, and Matias Viegener, Fallen Fruit coined the term “public fruit” and began mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles. Since 2013, Burns and Young have continued the collaborative work in cities around the world. Fallen Fruit arrived in Columbus in 2017!

Art & Resilience

A group of people meditate in a gallery.

Contemporary art reflects our humanity and guides us to contemplate how we engage with others in our society. The gallery space provides a unique container to cultivate and hold deep conversation, intentional community building, and mindfulness skills. Each of the Art & Resilience programs are designed to not only engage the arts in new and fresh ways, but are also informed by facets of the field of positive psychology that teach us that resilience can be learned and strengthened.

Please click here for upcoming Art & Resilience events and programs.