Wide shot of the gallery featuring a collection of folding chairs, artmaking materials, and images and photos on the wall

Residue Wall is a surprising, living, changing paper wall of images and text that incorporates contributions from anyone who wishes to be involved. 

This ephemeral, organic, and communally created work was part of Free Space, a microcinema and community resource lounge located in our first gallery, just off the lower lobby. Wex Community Artist Residency Group members Tala Kanani, Bobby T. Luck, Claudia Owusu, and Jonna Twigg, along with Department of Learning and Public Practice staff member Jean Pitman and others, added new entries to the wall at least once every two weeks.

Our fall 2020 edition of Free Space closed due to COVID-19, but we invite you to keep sharing your perspective by emailing us a digital image (.jpg), which we will present in future editions of the program.

All digital submissions must be sent by email. You can also send in hard copies by mail (see address below). Please do not submit original works; we cannot return them.

All digital submissions will be printed on a piece of 8½ x 11 in. white copy paper and collaged on the wall. We cannot credit individual work on the piece, but if you include your name in your email, we will add it to our list of participants.

Email images (in .jpg format) with or without your name, to education@wexarts.org with the word RESIDUE in the subject line. Questions? Contact Jean Pitman at jpitman@wexarts.org.

Greater Columbus Arts Council
American Electric Power Foundation
The Columbus Foundation
Ohio Arts Council
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Huntington Bank
Nationwide Foundation

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Kaufman Development
Cardinal Health Foundation


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Residue Wall