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Breakaway Shorts

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The Wexner Center is excited to collaborate with the newly formed Ohio State student group Cinéseries for their monthly program in our theater: Breakaway Shorts.

Join us for five contemporary short films exploring myth, history, identity, and meaning-making in the 21st century. These layered and personal films resist simple genres and meld documentary, diaristic, and experimental forms to raise questions around belonging, ownership, and authorship. (program approx. 65 mins., DCP and 16mm)

Curated by Cinéseries’s founding members. Be sure to stick around after the films for a lively conversation.

Program lineup

(Ana Vaz, 2014, 15 mins., DCP)

In the words of filmmaker Ana Vaz: “Filming in Lisbon in search of the origins of our colonial history, I found copies. Brazilians, the new worlders fluent in glitz, entertain the Portuguese in awe and discomfort, colonial norms applied and reapplied. Chinese porcelain seems to signal hybrids to come: the Chinese dressed as Europeans, the Brazilian maid dressed as a 19th-century European servant. Porcelain from the 15th-century becomes reproducible ready-mades that set the tables for the new colonies—a transatlantic calling. Ouro novo reads new money. As a poem without periods, as a breath without breathing, the voyage travels eastward and westward, marking cycles of expansion in a struggle to find one’s place, one’s seat at the table.”

The Blazing World
(Jessica Bardsley, 2013, 19 mins., DCP)

A film about shoplifting, depression, and Winona Ryder, made of stolen materials. Consisting entirely of clips taken from existing films, this video essay, which ultimately turns out to be profoundly personal, explores possible links between depression and kleptomania.

The Male GaYze
(Jack Waters, 1990, 11 mins., DCP)

This video short presents an individual's observation of sexuality and power relations between men in a young African American dancer's reminiscence of his encounter with a famous Dutch choreographer. Approached from a personal perspective, the story is told in a casually direct voice-over read by the author/director.

The Glass Note
(Mary Helena Clark, 2018, 9 mins., DCP)

In this elliptical audiovisual diary, cinema’s extrasensory capacity is given surprising form. Here, what we see (the human throat, Gothic statuary, digitally generated furniture) often contradicts what we hear (birdsong, tightly wound rope, lithophonic stones), but the combined effect speaks to a utopian and universal ideal of filmic language.

(Nathaniel Dorsky, 2010, 11 mins., 16mm)

From Nathaniel Dorsky: "An aubade is a poem or morning song evoking the first rays of the sun at daybreak. Often, it includes the atmosphere of lovers parting. This film is my first venture into shooting in color negative after having spent a lifetime shooting Kodachrome. In some sense, it is a new beginning for me."

About Cinéseries

In the words of Cinéseries' members: Cinéseries is a student-led group that organizes monthly screenings in collaboration with the Wexner Center for the Arts. We aim to offer a space for students and the community to engage with film and expanded cinema from makers from a variety of backgrounds. We aspire to create an environment conducive to critical engagement by inviting filmmakers to showcase work that takes risks, challenges norms, and opens a conversation by devoting to a wide range of artist-centered and independent media.

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A chair floating atop a black background, a subtitle reads "your voice carries across the room.

The Glass Note (Mary Helena Clark, 2018) | Image courtesy of the artist

A pale hand with its palm down and purple fingernail polish is overlaid an image of a body of water

Occidente (Ana Vaz, 2014) | Image courtesy of the artist

An image of Winona Ryder in a dark shirt and dark, close-cut hair.

The Blazing World (Jessica Bardsley, 2013) | Image courtesy of the artist

A shirtless torso, with the left arm draped over the chest and the right arm resting on the hip

The Male GaYze (Jack Waters, 1990) | Image courtesy of the artist

A close-up of branches and buds of flowers

Aubade (Nathaniel Dorsky, 2010) | Image courtesy of the artist

Cinéseries is a student-led, monthly screening series presented in collaboration with the Wexner Center that aims to offer a space for students and the community to engage with film and expanded cinema from a wide range of makers and artists.

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