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Fangs | Wild Zero

(Mohammed Shebl, 1981, Egypt) | (Tetsuro Takeuchi, 1999, Japan) 

Fangs introduced by George Wolf, Columbus film critic

Double Feature

Stills from each Fangs and Wild Zero; one vampire bites another and two Ramones-style punk rockers.

Catch two rarely screened cult musicals together on one night—come for the zombies and vampires, stay for the gender-bending, queer fun!

Filled with disco songs, glam, and homoerotica, Fangs is one of the most singular (and hard to see) cult musicals around. The movie begins like a shot-for-shot remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a couple’s car breaks down outside of a strange castle. Inside, they meet a group of vampires led by none other than Count Dracula himself. After a couple of electrofunk vampire musical numbers, the film heads off in its own feverish direction, ultimately mixing sexual politics with a satirical commentary on all the aspects of “vampirism” in contemporary Egyptian life. In Arabic with English subtitles. (100 mins., DCP)

Aliens want to destroy Earth with an army of zombies and only one thing can stop them: the Japanese band Guitar Wolf. Filled with punk, gore, and gender-bending romance, Wild Zero follows Ace, Guitar Wolf’s biggest fan, after he becomes the group’s blood brother for defending the members in a fight. But bigger problems (like UFO and zombie big) are around the corner. Luckily, Ace and Guitar Wolf have the powers of rock ’n’ roll and love on their sides! Wild Zero is best seen with an enthusiastic audience and best heard loud. Don’t miss this rare presentation of a usually unavailable cult classic! In Japanese with English subtitles. (98 mins., SD digital file)

Heirloom Café will stay open until the start of the second film for popcorn and beverage sales.

Please note: Fangs contains a scene of live chicken sacrifice.

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Left to right: Fangs, courtesy of the filmmaker; Wild Zero, courtesy of Gaga Communications.

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An Ohio native and Ohio State University graduate, George Wolf has been a radio personality in Columbus for over 30 years. With a lifelong love of film, he began reviewing professionally for a Columbus paper in 2008, then moved online with the launch of in 2012. Since then, Wolf and his wife Hope Madden have added TV and podcasts to their array of film coverage. In addition to loving movies, Wolf is a big sports and music fan and never misses a chance to get on a fishing boat in the Florida Keys or out for a ride on his Harley.

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