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Nancy Andrews and Jennifer Reeder

I Like Tomorrow (2021)

Midwest Premiere

Animation of three identical dancing robots with the main character's head, all made by photocollage

In this new work by Film/Video Studio alums Jennifer Reeder and Nancy Andrews, a lonely astronaut confronts an awkward love triangle between her past, present, and future selves while isolated in a space station—where she may have been orbiting for years.

Conceived of by longtime friends Reeder and Andrews while the two were working as artists in residence in the Wexner Center's Film/Video Studio on their individual films Blood Below the Skin and The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes, respectively, I Like Tomorrow is a sci-fi musical that combines live action and animation. As Reeder and Andrews recount, “after work one evening, over cocktails and possibly complaining about the then recently released film Gravity, there appeared a pen and a napkin and an idea about a lonely lady astronaut. From the start, the short film was conceived with actress Michole Briana White in mind. Its influences include Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon, Stanisław Lem’s Star Diaries, and Mary Roach’s Packing for Mars.

The lonely female character on the edge of a world is a staple of Andrews’s work, and the complex relationships and messy love triangle draw from Reeder’s oeuvre. Both artists have a penchant for humor and White’s performance shows off her ability to create both gravitas and giggles. (11 mins., HD video)

Andrews and Reeder joined us this July for a virtual conversation about the project and its making; watch that for free on our blog and enjoy a presentation of the film above starting August 2.

I Like Tomorrow

Featuring Michole Brianna White as Captain Regina Lamb, Rae, and Reggie
Written, directed and produced by Nancy Andrews and Jennifer Reeder

Executive Producer: Walter M. Robinson
Associate Producer: Steven Hudosh
CInematography: Christopher Rejano
Sound Recording: Jason Culver
Editor and film finishing: Charlie Kessler
Music and lyrics: Nancy Andrews
Song mix and additional instrumentation : Zach Soares
Ms. White’s vocal recorded by Michael Wells, Wishing Well Studios

Animation: Nancy Andrews and Lauren Benzaquen
Production design and build: Steve Reber and John Henley
Hair and makeup: Lori J. Washington
Production Assistant: Lorena Carmina
16mm processing and scan: Cinelab
Gear provided by Canon

Thanks to: Elizabeth Pratt and Margo White

Animation of three identical dancing robots with the main character's head, all made by photocollage

Image courtesy of the filmmakers

A person sits in a low-lit room with head on folded hands

Image courtesy of the filmmakers

An older version of the main character looks skeptically at the camera while adjusting their cuffs

Image courtesy of the filmmakers

A younger version of the main character plays a guitar in a black-and-white still

Image courtesy of the filmmakers

The main character looks skeptically at the camera wearing glasses and a lab coat; she has a blood nose

Image courtesy of the filmmakers

A color portrait of filmmaker Nancy Andrews wearing glasses, an argyle sweater, and a red blouse

Nancy Andrews, photo: Corrine de Korver

A color portrait of filmmaker Jennifer Reeder sitting in a dark stairwell lit by miniature color spotlights

Jennifer Reeder, photo: Kinga Michalska

More about the artists

Nancy Andrews chevron-down chevron-up

Nancy Andrews’s hybrid work includes films, drawings, objects, installations, performance, music, and publications. These works are rendered with characteristic humor and inhabited by characters who are at times visionary but always social misfits. The Museum of Modern Art has collected six of her experimental films. She is a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellow in filmmaking. Her films have screened at MoMA, Pacific Film Archive, Anthology Film Archives, Jerusalem Film Festival, Flaherty Film Seminars, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Taiwan International Animation Festival, and International Film Festival Rotterdam, among other venues. She is currently working as an artist in residence in the Film/Video Studio on a new film, The Bloody Room.

Jennifer Reeder chevron-down chevron-up

Jennifer Reeder was recently named by Bong Joon Ho as a filmmaker to watch in the 2020s. She constructs personal fiction films about relationships, trauma, and coping. Her award-winning narratives are innovative and borrow from a range of forms including after-school specials, amateur music videos, and magical realism. These films, many of which have been edited in the center’s Film/Video Studio, have shown around the world, including the Sundance Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, BFI London Film Festival, Venice Biennale and the Whitney Biennial.

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Nancy Andrews and Jennifer Reeder