Q&A: Nancy Andrews & Jennifer Reeder on I Like Tomorrow

Jennifer Lange, Film/Video Studio Curator

Aug 02, 2021

Thanks to the generosity of filmmakers Nancy Andrews and Jennifer Reeder, we can now make their film, the current Box presentation I Like Tomorrow, available to view both at the center and online through August 31. You'll find the stream and more info about the short here.

The work is the result of conversations the filmmakers had while both were in residence at the Wex's Film/Video Studio, working on separate projects. Above, Film/Video Studio Curator Jennifer Lange talks with Andrews and Reeder about how I Like Tomorrow came together and how the timing of a sci-fi short about a woman in isolation turned out to be serendipitous. They also discuss the work Andrews is doing in the Studio with editor Paul Hill on her new horror film, The Bloody Room. We hope you enjoy their discussion.

Top of page: Nancy Andrews, photo: Corinne de Korver; Jennifer Reeder, photo: Kinga Michalska

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