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One Minute Film & Video Festival

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In October, drop by The Box for a compilation of highlights from Jason Simon and Moyra Davey's One Minute Film & Video Festival.

The festival is an informal annual event that screens very short works from both nonprofessional producers and such well-known artists (and Wexner Center guests) as Mark Dion, Sowon Kwon, Josiah McElheney, and Hope Ginsberg, plus Julie Ault and Martin Beck, Matthew Buckingham, and Jimmy Durham, among others. Artists Simon and Davey hold the festival in a barn in upstate New York, inviting everyone who attends to bring his or her own short work (one minute or under). All the pieces are screened—many without credits—after a potluck supper and before dancing, with the event itself stressing relaxed social interaction rather than the competitiveness of many so-called film festivals. This program features highlights from the 2003 and 2004 seasons, 72 separate pieces that are wildly divergent in tone, topic, and expertise. The event and this program underlines in a light-hearted way the role film and video screenings continue to have in bringing people together.


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One Minute Film & Video Festival