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In Praise of Love


In Praise of Love
In Praise of Love
Jean-Luc Godard, 2001
Fri, Apr 4, 2003 7 PM
Sat, Apr 5, 2003 7 PM
"Gorgeous, lyrical, heartbreaking and exquisite."
--New York Times

An audacious return to the level of his greatest works, Jean-Luc Godard's In Praise of Love (98 mins.) won acclaim at its Cannes premiere for having "the intricacy, precision, and, above all, the tenderness of a late Beethoven chamber work."

His first film shot in Paris since the late 1960s, it's divided between gorgeous b/w 35mm film and vivid color video as it follows a director developing a project about the stages of love (meeting, passion, separation, and reconciliation). The film's controversial second part focuses on an elderly couple, former Resistance fighters, negotiating the sale of their life story under the Nazis to Hollywood producers.

The critical response is ovewhelming. As A. O. Scott of New York Times notes, "Mr. Godard's artistry--the way his scenes are at once archly stylized and informal, the quick precision of his eye--is unarguable." As Jason Wood of the BBC exclaims, In Praise of Love "contains more ideas in a single frame than most films manage in their entirety! You've just got to see it."

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