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SEQUENCE 01: Diasporic Reckoning

Curated by NO EVIL EYE

A collage of stills from the film program SEQUENCE 01

Featuring an international cohort of emerging and established filmmakers, SEQUENCE 01 explores the theme of diasporic reckoning through investigations of landscape, legacy, and memory.

Curated by NO EVIL EYE, this compilation of short films forms a lyrical meditation on race, class, and borders that mirrors the growing migrant community and changing landscape of Columbus, Ohio. (program approx. 46 mins., digital video)

SEQUENCE 01 is presented at the Wex as part of Free Space, a microcinema and community resource lounge located in the Wexner Center’s entry gallery, just off the lower lobby. The program screens Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1 and 4 PM; Thursdays at 1, 4, and 6 PM; and Saturdays and Sundays at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM. The galleries are closed on Mondays.

Program lineup

(Sahal Hassan, 2018, 4:11 mins.)
Landmark is a meditation on public memory and public space in the shadow of chattel slavery. Over the course of a stroll through Manhattan’s historic Financial District, the short investigates the very American process of forgetting how we got here.

(Natasha Woods, 2018, 11 mins.)
A rope, a picture, a letter, blowing in the wind, an active resistance of the past being over and done with. Merging of landscapes and unexplained doubles. Tracing a mother’s journey from Brazil to Iowa for a better life. A documented attempt to understand relationships of personhood, memory, life, and death.

Disintegration 93–96
(Miko Revereza, 2017, 5:27 mins.)
The insecurities and pent-up emotions of an Filipino immigrant in the USA give way to political ruminations and critical commentaries on the colonization of the mind by the American Dream.

How Did Home Receive You?
(Claudia Owusu, 2018, 3:29 mins.)
How Did Home Receive You? is an exploration of the immigrant's return home, and a documentation of how time transforms moments, places, and views of the self. Claudia Owusu is a Columbus-based filmmaker and a member of the Wex’s Community Artist Residency Group, which works closely with the center's Department of Learning & Public Practice.

Herat in my Head in my Heart
(Weeda Azim, 2016, 2:15 mins.)
A long-distance telephone call from Canada to Afghanistan remedies misplaced cultural nostalgia and soothes the pain of war in this avant-garde short.

Tu seras mon allié (You Will Be My Ally)
(Rosine Mbakam, 2017, 20:18 mins.)
Domè (35 years old), from Gabon, is intercepted at Brussels airport. It seems that her papers are not in order. She is subjected to a long interrogation. She is accused of forgery and use of forgery. Will she reach the end of her goal: to be accepted on the Belgian territory?

More about SEQUENCE 01

A close up of a hand holding an air mail envelope addressed to Maria Woods & Family

Confrontations (Natasha Woods, 2018)

Two women recline on a grassy hillside

Confrontations (Natasha Woods, 2018)

A close up of a hand holding a color Polaroid of a woman in folding chair dated 8-15-82

Confrontations (Natasha Woods, 2018)

A young boy is pictured on the street

Herat in my Head in my Heart (Weeda Azim, 2016)

A shadowy helicopter is seen in an almost abstract photo

Herat in my Head in my Heart (Weeda Azim, 2016)

A young woman smiles with hand on hip in a courtyard; an onscreen subtitle reads "To continue where I left off."

How Did Home Receive You? (Claudia Owusu, 2018)

A women in a headscarf and worried expression looks at a interlocutor with his back to camera

Tu seras mon allié (You Will Be My Ally) (Rosine Mbakam, 2017)

A man and woman in face paint look down at a source of light

Tu seras mon allié (You Will Be My Ally) (Rosine Mbakam, 2017)

More about NO EVIL EYE

NO EVIL EYE chevron-down chevron-up

Frustrated by the lack of multicultural, leftist film spaces in Central Ohio, local political organizers and zinesters Rooney Elmi and Ingrid Raphael founded NO EVIL EYE, a radical microcinema that aims to redefine the creative and social parameters of nonmetropolitan film scenes. Elmi and Raphael curate an eclectic mix of works from emerging and established filmmakers with the goal of representing their respective audiences and building a healthy counterculture. Through their programs NO EVIL EYE actively fosters a union between the personal and the political and aims to ignite a radical imagination around the moving image by promoting a vision of cinema as a space of sociopolitical possibilities. Follow them on Instagram @NOEVILEYECINEMA and on Facebook @NOEVILEYE

Rooney Elmi chevron-down chevron-up

Rooney Elmi is an independent film creative with a hyper-focus on nonfiction cinema. Elmi is also the editor-in-chief of SVLLY(wood), an experimental print and digital movie magazine geared toward curating a radical cinephilia, and co-runs NO EVIL EYE with Ingrid Raphael. Elmi’s articles have been published in Film Comment, FADER, and Hyperallergic, among other publications.

Ingrid Raphael chevron-down chevron-up

Ingrid Raphael is an educator and filmmaker with an interest in diasporic storytelling, movement, and spatial reckoning. They also co-run GRID zine, which focuses on diasporic stories and identities, with Sylk Rodriguez and have facilitated workshops independently and with EYEBEAM, Powrplnt, Black Quantum Futurism, and more.

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SEQUENCE 01: Diasporic Reckoning