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Sofia Theodore-Pierce and Sara Sowell

Presented in collaboration with Cinéseries
Discussion follows screening

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As part of our monthly collaboration with Ohio State’s Cinéseries group, Milwaukee-based filmmaking duo Sofia Theodore-Pierce and Sara Sowell join us to present a collection of new shorts.

Both Sowell and Theodore-Pierce rely on the camera as an investigative tool for deciphering memory, material, and theory in an attempt to make sense of the world around and within us. Stick around after the screening for a conversation with the filmmakers.

Program lineup

Rhythm as a Girl (Sara Sowell, 2020, 12 mins.)
One Off (Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 2019, 13 mins.)
The Girl Who Is (Sara Sowell, 2021, 6 mins.)
Hear Me Sometimes (Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 2020, 14 mins.)
The Individual (Sara Sowell, 2022, 16 mins.)
Other Tidal Effects (Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 2021, 7 mins.)

About Cinéseries

In the words of Cinéseries' members: Cinéseries is a student-led group that organizes monthly screenings in collaboration with the Wexner Center for the Arts. We aim to offer a space for students and the community to engage with film and expanded cinema from makers from a variety of backgrounds. We aspire to create an environment conducive to critical engagement by inviting filmmakers to showcase work that takes risks, challenges norms, and opens a conversation by devoting to a wide range of artist-centered and independent media.

A black-and-white still of a blurred hand covered in black stars over a deck of cards with a white star on the card face

The Individual (Sara Sowell, 2022), image courtesy of the artist.

An in-color photograph of the artist Sofia Theodore-Pierce smiling and leaning against a blue desk in an office space

Sofia Theodore-Pierce, image courtesy of the artist.

An in-color still of a hand wearing two gold rings over glittery shells and multicolored cards

Hear Me Sometimes (Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 2020), image courtesy of the artist.

An in-color still of two hands, the right one wearing a blue ring, placed over a blue butterfly tattoo on a bare stomach below the belly button

Hear Me Sometimes (Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 2020), image courtesy of the artist.

A black-and-white self-portrait of the artist Sara Sowell

Sara Sowell, image courtesy of the artist.

A black-and-white still of a hand over a spiral of light

The Individual (Sara Sowell, 2022), image courtesy of the artist.

About the Filmmakers

Sofia Theodore-Pierce chevron-down chevron-up

Sofia Theodore-Pierce works with idiosyncratic and somatic storytelling to explore the spaces we inhabit, psychically and physically. Through collage, photographs, and other artifacts, she weaves personal narratives with abstracted essays. She is currently teaching at MIAD and UWM. Read more

Sara Sowell chevron-down chevron-up

Sara Sowell’s films and videos undermine the legacies of art and media production throughout history, including those of Dada, Surrealism, reality television, and cinema’s prehistory. Her works range from essay to performance. She is currently teaching introductory film courses at UWM and is building kinetic light sculptures. Read more

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Past Film/Video

Sofia Theodore-Pierce and Sara Sowell