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Image courtesy of Corwood Industries
Fri, Oct 10, 2008 8 PM
"The most enigmatic figure in American music has developed a new willingness to ever-so-slightly reveal himself to his audience."—All Music Guide

Yes, you read that right. The cult phenomenon, international man of mystery, and outsider artist who performs extremely rarely under the banner of Jandek—or the "representative of Corwood Industries"—is appearing here in concert. So here’s your chance to hear his idiosyncratic, original folk blues tunes and skewed chord structures in person. Since 1978, Jandek has self-released scores of albums (via mail order) while avoiding the press, photographs, contacts, and other standard conventions of the music business. Since a surprise live show in Scotland in 2004, however, Jandek has performed a handful of concerts, several of which (like ours) have even been announced in advance.

Musicians from this neck of the woods who will play supporting roles for Jandek’s alien tunings include Cincy violinist C. Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core, drummer Ryan Jewell of Pink Reason, and bass ace Derek Dicenzo. Special thanks to Adam Fleischer for his efforts to herd all the cats for this special occasion.

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Many details of Jandek’s fascinatingly strange doings are revealed in the documentary film Jandek on Corwood that was previously screened here and is available on DVD at the Wexner Center Store.

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