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Wex[EP]: DJ Krate Digga

The Rhythm Within


Shake off that social distancing fatigue with this electrifying DJ as he delivers grooves from the dance floor right to your living room.

Creatives create because it's who they are before all else. Art is a therapy, both for the creator and the consumer. Over the past 40-plus days, finding ways to engage has been a priority for many. Creating music, healing with sound, and redefining how to share with the masses leads us here. Enjoy the fusion of digital and analogue elements in the comfort of your own space during this free Wex[EP] performance. Dance, groove, and sing along, or just be a witness.

DJ Krate Digga has over 20 years under his belt as a professional DJ and an established reputation as one of the Midwest's most diverse hip hop and soul DJs. Read full bio.

More about Wex[EP]

As today's vocabulary has expanded to include "social distancing" and "essential businesses," the Wex has entered into a conversation with some of our favorite local artists to bring you Essential Performances. With a nod to the short-form, often experimental nature of extended-play records, the Wex[EP] series seeks to document a facet of each artist's practice and explore innovative ways of communing with one another during this rupture of routine.

Join us on Thursdays as we chart a better tomorrow with the thinkers, players, movers, and makers to whom we continue to look for joy and inspiration. If you are able, please consider supporting each artist by using the links located on this page.

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More about the artist

DJ Krate Digga in white T-shirt with hands on music equipment

Photo: J. Mariella.

DJ Krate Digga in black T-shirt and black cap with script letter A

Image courtesy of the artist.

DJ Krate Digga on blue-lit stage with his decks

Photo: J. Mariella.

DJ Krate Digga in white tee-shirt on a blue-lit stage

Photo: J. Mariella.

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Past Performing Arts

Wex[EP]: DJ Krate Digga