A chat with Arbelos Films cofounders David Marriott & Ei Toshinari

David Filipi, Director, Film/Video

May 01, 2020

A scene from Bela Tarr's film Satantango

For much of its 26-year-existence, Béla Tarr’s masterpiece Sátántangó (pictured above) has been difficult to see. In the pre-digital era, its seven-and-a-half hour running time made the creation and distribution of prints prohibitively expensive, so when the film did screen (including a 2006 show at the Wex) it was a true event for cinephiles and lovers of art house cinema.

Now, thanks to a digital restoration by Arbelos Films, with the cooperation of The Hungarian Filmlab, this beautiful and haunting epic is more accessible than ever. After a premiere at last fall’s New York Film Festival and a brief theatrical run, the film is now available for streaming via art house websites across the country including the Wex. We'll present Sátántangó through May 7.

We’ve partnered with Arbelos numerous times in the past, and are thrilled to work with them again to share this important film. Co-Founders Ei Toshinari and David Mariott joined Wex Director of Film/Video David Filipi for a conversation about their involvement in Satantango’s restoration as well as the company’s rather unique approach to film acquisition, restoration, and distribution.


Sátántangó image courtesy of Arbelos Films

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