Ohio Shorts filmmakers: Where are they now?

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Feb 12, 2019

Still image from the 2013 experimental short film and Ohio Shorts selection Saxony by artist Alexis McCrimmon

The call for entries for Ohio Shorts 2019 is open and the March 4 deadline is fast approaching! Every year brings a highly creative and thought-provoking crop of short films by some of the finest filmmakers working in the state—adults and kids—and the majority of Ohio Shorts alums don't stop there. If you're thinking of submitting this year, here are three past Ohio Shorts contributors with stories and advice to get you motivated, along with links to their earlier works.

Corey Aumiller

Still image from Corey Aumiller film project; photo: Zach Wilke

An educator, writer, and visual artist as well as a filmmaker, Aumiller studied directing at the American Film Institute Conservatory. His 2017 short Grill Dog screened at festivals around the county.

Contributions to Ohio Shorts
Mashed Potatoes, 2002
Winter, 2009
Magnum Opus, 2012
Love Letter, 2013 

Current project
Momma, now in production. (image above by Zach Wilke)

"I’m currently in a years-long production process of a Linklater-esque project featuring my daughter and wife. They play an 18 month-old runaway and the Sasquatch creature who adopts and raises her. I intend to shoot more as my daughter reaches five or six years old, and then again in her teen years. That is, if she will let me. ?"

"I’ve done a few 'exercises' in recent months, but nothing I’m ready to reveal to the world."

What did you learn from your Ohio Shorts experience?
"Ohio shorts was my first victory as a filmmaker. I was 17 and watching my film on the big screen was a hugely validating moment. It motivated me to keep going. Even when I don’t have work in the show, I love to come see what Ohio filmmakers are up to. It is really the most eclectic program I’ve ever encountered, with something for everyone. My favorite thing about Ohio Shorts is that you’re guaranteed to see something you love and something you absolutely loathe, and this makes for amazing conversation with friends and family after the screening."

Check out more of Corey's work here.


Alexis McCrimmon

A still from the 2013 short film Saxony by Alexis McCrimmon

When she's not working on her own projects, McCrimmon plays a crucial role in helping other artists realize their ideas as an editor for the Wex's Film/Video Studio program.

Contributions to Ohio Shorts
Snapshot, 2006
Saxony, 2013 (images above courtesy of the artist)

Current project
"I’m mining my own archive, brushing the dust off a film I shelved more than seven years ago. I needed to step away from the project, and allow myself critical distance from a script I felt wasn’t working and footage I couldn’t stand to look at. In time, through experience and opportunity, I’ve finally felt mature enough in my filmmaking practice to return to the film, embracing it with fresh eyes and new ideas."

What did you learn from your Ohio Shorts experience?
"Ohio Shorts was my first time screening work in public with an audience. I was incredibly anxious, however the experience taught me to relax!  Films are meant to be seen, and as filmmakers it’s our responsibility to advocate for our work and to look for opportunities to share our films with audiences. Turns out Ohio Shorts was the perfect opportunity to start that journey."

Any advice for filmmakers thinking of submitting?
"Keep your credits short! The credits for your film should not be half as long as the film itself."

See more of Alexis' work in her online portfolio.


Erick Stoll

Still from the 2018 film America by Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside

Stoll sent his reply from Mexico City, where he's been mixing a television cut of his current project.

Contributions to Ohio Shorts
Lifelike, 2012 (with Chase Whiteside)
Good White People, 2016 (with Jarrod Welling-Cann)

Current project
América, a festival hit co-directed by Chase Whiteside that screened at the Wex during the 2018 Unorthodocs. fest. It was recently named one of the best undistributed films of 2018 by Film Comment. (Image above courtesy of the artist)
"After the premiere of América at True/False, my co-director Chase and I spent much of the year traveling and sharing the film with various festivals. We are now preparing for a number of screenings this spring in México."

Any advice for filmmakers considering submitting?
"Being a filmmaker in Ohio can be frequently isolating, which is both an opportunity and challenge. The Ohio Shorts program, and the Wex more generally, are really vital for the existence of a larger Ohio film community. My advice is go see more movies at the Wex!"

Learn more about América here.