Playlist: Go Wild with Classical Baby!

Joe Camerlengo & Courtney Hall

Nov 25, 2019

Color image of the man in the moon with a spaceship in his eye from the Georges Melies film A Trip to the Moon

Classical Baby makes its debut as soundtrack artist during the 2019 Zoom: Family Film Festival, providing live accompaniment for the films in Wild and Wooly Silent Shorts on Friday, December 6. Bandmates, collaborators, and newlyweds Joe Camerlengo and Courtney Hall agreed to create a playlist for the occasion. To their selections, we've added "Love is for Everyone" from their just-released EP of the same name. Their intro:

"We made this playlist to get you ready to GO WILD with us at the Wild & Wooly film fest!!! We tried to pack in some of the cool vibes, woolliness, and wildness that you can expect to hear on December 6 at the Wex. Our selections were featured in classic film and tv soundtracks, as well as tracks from some of our favorite composers. Kid-friendly, so grab the coolest kid you know, turn up the speakers, and GET WILD!! See you at the movies!"


Image: From A Trip to the Moon, screening as part of Wild and Wooly Silent Shorts