Playlist: Patchmakers +

Adam Elliott & DJ Moxy Martinez

Jan 12, 2023

Close-up shot of an audio mixing console  Over a half-dozen patch cable are plugged into various audio ports. In the background, a slightly out-of-focus hand is adjusting something on the board.

The phenomenal DJ Moxy Martinez is coming back to the Wex Saturday for Patchmakers: Synthesize Synchronicities, a night spotlighting the work of female, nonbinary, and trans synth artists. And it comes with a pre-show opportunity for you to try out different types of synthesizers at a jam station in the lobby of Mershon Auditorium.

Moxy worked with Performing Arts Associate Producer Adam Elliott on this playlist that previews what you'll hear from two of the performers who'll join Moxy on the evening's program, Lisa Bella Donna and Eden Grey (Chantal de Felice will also have a set), and shares some of the music that's influenced Moxy's sound. Artists include Aphex Twin, Daphne Oram, and Tangerine Dream


Top of page photo: Sara Rose

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