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Patchmakers: Synthesize Synchronicities

Black-and-white photo of a dark-haired person resting their face on their tattooed hand. Their face is reflected in a circular mirror to the left of them.

Don’t miss this interactive evening of synthesizer exploration and performance programmed by local producer/DJ Moxy Martinez to highlight female, nonbinary, and trans synthesists.

Performances by Lisa Bella Donna, Chantal deFelice, Dr. Chelsea Bruno (aka Eden Grey), and Martinez will fill Mershon Auditorium with sights and sounds from multiple electronic perspectives. Stop by Mershon Auditorium Lobby at 6 PM before the show to make your own sounds at jam stations featuring analogue Moog, Korg, and Eurorack format synthesizers.

Moxy Martinez, photo: Kate Sweeney.

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Lisa Bella Donna chevron-down chevron-up

Lisa Bella Donna is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, modular synthesist, sound designer, educator, and clinician. With decades of experience as a multi-instrumentalist session musician, she has developed extensive techniques with musique concrète, modular synthesis, analogue recording and mixing, microtonal music, orchestration, and film composition. She has traveled throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe performing concerts and conducting workshops and has been commissioned for many multichannel audio art installations in the US and Europe. Read more on Bella Donna’s website.

Chantal deFelice chevron-down chevron-up

Chantal deFelice is a wanderer who gathers field recordings, still pictures, and moving images, transmuting these collections into studious ink drawings, colorful paintings on wood, sonic landscapes, and ephemeral video collages. In her live performances, sound and video are layered, then manipulated in real time, amplified and beamed onto large surfaces. View more on deFelice’s Instagram page.

Dr. Chelsea Bruno (aka Eden Grey) chevron-down chevron-up

Dr. Chelsea Bruno (aka Eden Grey) has been composing and releasing electronic music since 2008. In 2013, she first encountered the Eurorack format of modular synthesis while attending the Nation Association of Music Merchants convention through its President’s Innovation Award. She later showed her own custom-built Eurorack modular synthesizer at SynthFest UK in 2016 and 2018. Bruno also established the CV FREQS modular meet/concert event series in London in 2016. She continues hosting the CV FREQS modular meet events and a podcast series, interviewing electronic music artists and module manufacturers. Most recently, she performed at the Superbooth22 synthesizer trade show in Berlin, Germany, in May 2022. View more on Bruno’s Instagram page.

Moxy Martinez chevron-down chevron-up

Moxy Martinez (they/he) is a self-taught DJ and producer. They have created, performed, produced, and contributed original music and DJ sets both nationally and internationally since 2003. In 2017, Martinez founded the Columbus Synth Slam, a synthesizer-based, interactive event focused on the joys of synthesis and soundmaking.

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Patchmakers: Synthesize Synchronicities