Playlist: Slingsby Theatre Company

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

May 13, 2019

Photo portrait of James Smith, lead actor in Slingsby Theatre Company's production of The Young King. Photo: Photo: Andy Rasheed

Care for a peek into the world of Slingsby Theatre Company's The Young King? Quincy Grant, composer for the immersive, family-friendly play coming to the Wex this weekend, shares a playlist below reflecting some of the influences that went into his score for the Oscar Wilde adaptation. Below that, you'll find three more tracks Grant wanted to share, plus an opportunity for a first listen to two songs from Grant's score via his Soundcloud page. We're excited to hear more.

"The Young King is a story very seated in England, so I went to English folk songs and music influenced by English folk songs to look for flavors and influences. All the pieces on the playlist have a connection to that tradition and, though I didn't use them all directly to inspire me when I was writing the music for The Young King, they all definitely have a flavor that is similar to the one that flows through the music in the play."
Composer Quincy Grant




Lead image of James Smith as The Young King, photo: Andy Rasheed.