WexCast: Dave Zirin

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Oct 15, 2018

Dave Zirin, author and sports editor for the Nation, speaks with Film/Video Director David Filipi on the stage of the Film/Video Theater at the Wexner Center for the Arts on September 10, 2018

Last month brought a visit from Dave Zirin, author and sports editor for the Nation, for a discussion about where the worlds of sports and politics intersect. This WexCast shares the audio of their conversation. Zirin promised it would be engaging for everyone from die-hard sports fans to people "who'd rather shave their heads with a cheese grater than talk about sports," and he and Dave made good, covering topics from Colin Kaepernick and Muhammad Ali to FIFA and parents' fears about signing their kids up for football. We hope you enjoy it.

Upcoming conversations include an analysis by animator and Wex Artist Residency Award winner John Canemaker of the work of two legendary Disney animators on the movie Pinocchio, happening October 18 with a screening of the film, and a November 8 talk at Ohio Union with award-winning journalist and graphic novelist Joe Sacco, the keynote speaker for “Graphic Modernisms,” this year’s meeting of the Modernist Studies Association.