WexCast: John Canemaker

Nov 04, 2019

A portrait photo of animator John Canemaker

Shortly after the announcement that John Canemaker was chosen as a recipient of a Wexner Center Artist Residency Award in September 2016, the animator and animation historian paid a visit to give a talk on one of his areas of expertise: Windsor McCay's Little Nemo. Canemaker was in the early stages of producing Hands, the film supported by the award, and he sat down with Wex Film/Video Director Dave Filipi to discuss his vision for the hand-drawn short, as well as his approach to storytelling, his encounters with animation legends, and the continued importance of drawing in a field with ever-advancing digital innovations. 

With the world premiere of Hands coming to the Wex this Thursday, it's time to share their conversation. Below the podcast, you'll find links with more info on some of the animators they discuss.

"The Wexner grant was a little godsend."
John Canemaker
Title graphic for John Canemaker's hand drawn animated short, Hands, made up of white hands forming each letter against a black background.