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Jared Thorne

Do We Still Need Unions?


Jared Thorne

Contemplate the role of unions in our society and the exhibition LaToya Ruby Frazier: The Last Cruze with Jared Thorne, assistant professor in Ohio State’s Department of Art. Thorne will ask us to consider the legacies of unions and their potential as a bridge to equality for the future.

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Exhibited internationally, Jared Thorne’s work speaks to issues of identity and subjectivity as they relate to class and race in America and abroad, with recent series of photographs exploring Planned Parenthoods throughout Ohio and the idea of blackness as lived in Cape Town. Before joining Ohio State, Thorne taught at the collegiate level in South Africa from 2010 to 2015. Thorne holds a bachelor of arts in English literature from Dartmouth College and a master of fine arts from Columbia University.

Image: Jared Thorne, photo: Tim Johnson

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Past Talks & More

Jared Thorne